Glass Runway Collaboration

Glass Runway Collaboration

In a unique project of wearable glass, the work of collaborating designers from the Glass Society of Ireland and the Council of Irish Fashion Designers came together to produce a stunning collection of outfits for the runway. The project explored gender inequality, inclusion and diversity. I was paired with glass designer Roisin de Buitear from Dublin and between us we made a glass and leather dress, collar, headpiece and bag under the title Perpetual Offender.

Starting with a zoom call, sketches, and the topic of addressing gender inequality, Roisin and I set about designing and making something that was fragile yet strong, shocking yet beautiful and would come alive on the runway, reflecting light and sound as it moved.

The skirt was made up of glass rings and leather fret cut panels, joined together with blobs of blood red glass. This was attached to a bodice made from stretched raw veg tan leather, made in sections then burnished and silvered. The back is laced to give a backbone effect, giving the upper shell bodice a structure and stability to carry the weight of the glass skirt. The layering and armoured effect symbolises how women build up layers of defence. Although the bodice is structured to protect, it is vulnerable with areas exposed.

The collection is being shown at the Craft NI gallery in Belfast from 6th June -25th July 2024.

Working on projects like this, stretches the mind and expands creativity which translates into workable product lines down the road.

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