Calder Silk Scarf

EUR €65

Calder Silk Scarf in soft colours. 

Inspired by Alexander Calder, this silk scarf stands out with it’s eclectic mix of colourful figures on a soft grey and cream base.

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Calder silk scarf is full of movement  

The wire work figures of Alexander Calder inspired the artwork for this scarf. It gives life and movement to a mix of soft border and base colours.  The grey and blush cream work with our palette of bright trend colours picked out in the figures.

The artwork is created in our studio in Kinsale, then printed on 100% Silk Twill and hand finished with a rolled edge in Italy.  Ruxx is inspired by putting colours and textures together and using craftsman techniques to create something exquisite for you to cherish.

Scarf measurements: 68cm x 68cm

100% Silk, dry clean only.

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