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About Ruxx

Made With Love – Every Stitch
Established in 2010, RUXX is all about clever stylish design. Our collection has grown over the years creating new innovative styles delivered with excellent quality. The inside of our work is as important as the outside and the wow factor is always paramount. RUXX is the brain child of Sarah Ward-Hendry who has been immersed in fashion design and manufacture most of her life.

We opened our first shop in 2021 in the beautiful coastal town of Kinsale. With an array of stunning architecture, Kinsale is renown for its great restaurants, café’s, and independent shops with a backdrop of the stunning yachts in the marina. Kinsale is full of foodies, creatives and makers, so what better place to showcase Ruxx. If you are ever in the area pop in as we carry the online range and more, including sampling ranges before they hit the web.

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